Suicide (An original poetry)


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To whomever finds this first,
I was chocking on my own grip when I grabbed this pen
Even if you can't see it clearly just pretend
This isn't a suicide note.

To my step sister, she'll never have to worry about the uncleaned dishes, tell her I am gone that heaven grants her wishes.
They'll be no one there to share her cookies.
Tell her mum to make her a coat off all the empty cookie sachets under my bed. 😜

To my granny, let her rest her weak bones, and never again worry why I hadn't eaten, I'm ghost now and spirits don't get hungry. I suppose....
I am grateful to her for all the incense and candles
Her prayers I appreciate them. Tell her I wished she had prayed more in the days of her youth rather than hump around with handsome men and raise too many bastard kids
Tell her I have always wanted to say this
"You are an architect of disunity"
She'll never be able to reunite this family.

To my girlfriend, may she prosper against all odds.
Oh my love,
I'm sorry it had to be this way
I promised to give our love a happy ending but all I had was prospects, with no real breakthrough to reality
You kept wishing silently that I be victorious
But I pray you find me in every Victor, and let Victor bring you victories that I could only dream of.
Don't cry for me because you have no tears left, I already made you shed enough.

And to all you folks who ever cared in one way or another
Loved me from a distance or
Or gave a hi-five, bye bye as you go bye.

To my dearest mum and dad,
I overdosed on all your drama and complains
So to drown mine and your pains
I'm taking the not so easy way out

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