To the lover of my Dreams (An original poetry)



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Dear article of misplaced affection,
I just felt that I should let you know
that i want to let you go
At first I was scared that if I let you know
You might let go of me first
I later realized you had no interest,
If I stay or go.

But you see holding on hurts much more than letting go
So I'm thinking of moving on
to let my broken heart heal slowly
I just felt I should let you know
that I want to let you go
I'm picking all of my broken pieces

There more than a million but I realised that each of these pieces had a reflection of you
I didn't realise I had loved you so much
That fantasies of you became superimposed on my reality

Hence the quest to finding me a new part begins with putting you at the centre which means I'm back to where I began
Loving you all over again
But this time I'll try it another way
I'll love as I go along my way
That way I'll take every broken piece of my love with me
And let you stay.
Goodbye and have a great life 💔💔

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