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Tomorrow is D day
The day my tears are wiped away
The day I feel alive again
Complete and cleansed of guilt and shame.

Tomorrow begins my journey
A journey to a land of milk and honey
Where the girls are fair and pretty
And everything is nice and shinny it's sky is full of beauty

Tomorrow is my guarantee
That I would reach out to my dreams
I'll stand taller than the tallest mountain top
And count the oceans that I swam across, the bridges that I've burnt and the battles that I fought. Tomorrow

Tomorrow I might be on my dying bed
Wondering if I had lived well, what stories my young lad would tell
I will see the destinies in chains, those I was too naive to embrace then my eyes would open to the fortunes that I missed when I was to excited to pray
As I blink and breathe for one last time
Watching my soul drift out of me, the nurses roll the beddings over me
An act that would mark the end of my story

Tomorrow is today for everyone alive
Tomorrow is an opportunity to take every opportunity
Tomorrow is forever, but forever is today that has been given to you.
Make the best off this offer
Create a better tomorrow today.

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