When I say I love you more(An original poetry)


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The first time we met,
I didn't even say hello
To myself I thought you were beautiful and nothing more
Little did I know
That I will be loving you more

When you say you love me
Made me feel colywobles
Gives me butterflies in my stomach
I believe I can fly and to the world you're my light
And I'll say..... I'll say......
I love you more

When I say I love you more
I mean not to compare your love for me to mine for you
I mean ill love you from the end of eternity on till tomorrow
And one more tomorrow
And one more tomorrow

I mean ill love you through the turbulence of our future days
I'll love you through the stormy seas and rainy days
I'll love you right from hell because even hell concurs
That right with you there is nothing left

I guess what I have been trying to say is
When I say I love you more,
I mean ill love you more than the distance between heaven and earth
And more than any obstacle that'll try to separate you and I
I will love you more than any fight we'll ever have

When I say I love you more,
I do.

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That's so sweet of you.
I hope there will be another poem in response to this. ^^


Yes they'll be. And thanks for stopping by