Crags of the Ibex

9개월 전

I will go to Jerusalem,
find fertility of the white flowered Ligustrum,
pluck the Privet tree extolled by the poets for its peculiar whiteness.

Christ is a vine,
a cluster of all perfections divine,
Engedi the fountain speaks, streams from beneath the temple spills,

Sloping hugely, gently,
from a rich plain, to be convex, arched, is the heel of this bend,
the water here is pure and sweet, rings of the purest ray, breaks the bracing air.

A prayer for true love,
of self, of Sun, of One. Where rivers flow for ride and drink,
the animals gather, the fishes leap, and Solomon sings, in masculine melody,

your holy hill,
may I dwell in the cave of stars, your tabernacle, abide in Yahweh?
Oh, King David, my David, a bosom of light, collapses wholly our shadows!

For further inspiration: Read Song of Solomon 5.
Line breaks go whacky sometimes on this platform! All three lined stanzas on my Word.

Photo Credit: Eddy Billard/unsplash

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Stunning. Line breaks CAN be so frustrating on Steem! Especially when they matter so.


Yes, they can! Sometimes I just rearrange the whole thing to fit and other times I just leave it scrambled ;)
Thanks for your compliment :)

. . . only at her invitation can the Higher Self marry with the soul.
May this beautiful writing inspire the sisters to tempt our brethern.


Is this lapis lazuli? A lucky stone for me to carry and bring a song of songs? And, if only in the end I am beyond the seas, I will allow myself to be ground down to the priceless ultramarine!


Curiously the King James translation reads:
) His hands are as gold rings set with the beryl: his belly is as bright ivory overlaid with sapphires.


Yes, of course you're right, from the song, sapphire is the King's stone. I have one rectangular that I bought myself after a dream and wear when I need strength and protection, but alas am without a white bellied beloved to lay it upon. It is a good reminder to get it out and around my neck again.

I've hunted for beryl in the Utah desert, but never lucky enough to have found a real one.

Sapphire was used by the Etruscans over 2,500 years ago and was also prized in ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt. Revered as a stone of royalty, sapphire was believed to keep kings safe from harm or envy. It was also purported to protect you from dishonesty, fraud, terror, poverty, and even stupidity and ill temper.
The three crossed lines in a Star Sapphire have been said to represent hope, faith and destiny, and in German lore it was considered a stone of victory.

sacre bleu is sacred blue, says Christopher Moore who wrote a book with the same name.

henri de toulouse-lautrec

What wondrous world is this? Oh my soul, oh my soul


:) You make me smile :)

Absolutely beautiful!