Omnipotence Lost

9개월 전

When I, a babe, first learned to speak,
prattled words were protest.
No, no, no and mine!
Up, up, my arms held up,
I smiled for myself. Still,
some stood, in sky-high buildings,
showered me in scorn,
made sure I knew,
whose nuts were whose,
that little girls grow-up
to be women.

A very old one, posted in response to my friend @sukhasanasister and her latest. I'll be the blue and you in coral.

Photo Credit: Jelleke Vanooteghem

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Thank you! Nothing like some chocolate cupcakes to make someone smile :)

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Wow, thank you for finding and selecting me :)

That's me, alright, with the mucky fingies! Relieved to find myself in the right company all along.


You and a few other people make me question my capabilities of writing poetry. This is so relatable and precise... I can only hope that I do this once upon a time ♡


Tezmel, your words have been an inspiration to me many a day, so don't you question your capabilities!
Honored to be honored by You :)


Either way, it is good to feed from your soul ♡