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Many heroes are homeless. Or were homeless
Or wanderers.
Or lost. Conflicted.
Accidental. Human.

Many Heroes were Divorced----we just don't hear about those.

Some have risen from the prison of popular Gang culture

Some Heroes spend nights in solitude crying in their empty apartment, or their cars, or in some house on a bad part of town.

Some go through regular Human struggles.
Maybe​ the struggles are much more hightened due to knowledge.

Some bare the load of a collosal Titan mentally---spiritual---living in duality like two dimensions coexisting, both coaxing---both pulling-- trying to rise up, if only they had a pulley.

While these are all the unsung traits of heroes in the making,
I'M just trying to keep it together.


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The real heroes are unkown to people, they are heroes for real , the made great things for the world and they remained unknown, nowadays any stupid peolpe are represented as heroes


That is so true. Hero has become something that is very subjective. Each faction and group has lifted up their own hero because they believe the person is someone that represents them. In fact the person that they look towards could indeed be a villain.

Pretty deep stuff on the darkness behind being a hero, it would be cool to add a lighter side or even a side on villains feeling the light and support of other yet being dark inside.


Awesome idea! Good way to look at it. Definitely at least two writing prompts.