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Don’t try to reach space.
People die in oblivion,
emptiness, nothingness.
Your belongings drift away into eternity,
just as hopes and dreams.
Who desires zero gravity?
You gain freedom, but lose proper footing.
Balance. Who needs it?
If you decide to proceed in your vessel,
just gaze out of the glass incubator to see billions of life forms destroyed,
when the debris of other failures come crashing through,
most exploding on impact.
Who needs the remnants of failures in their path?
You will be alone,
with nothing but your cold breath and damp skin.
stars that seem once procurable become far and few in between to give you that beacon of light you desperately need.
With your experience and growth of antennae,
You’ll realize some of the brightest lights can harm you,
expose you to radiation, burn you alive.
Who needs the bright lights that in the end consume you?
Who needs the harsh realities of reality?
people die in oblivion,
emptiness, nothingness.
don’t try to reach space, unless you’re ready for that journey.

Kingryker----poeticrift (2012)

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Evocative prose to set one pondering.

... did you steal that pic


My poem. Not my pic.