Poetry: Forever Remain

2년 전

Would you smile for life's pleasures seeing me cry
Does it hurt for I traveled here seeking a new dawn
You will ruin our love through in another decade
The rainbow-land holds us in sumerian haze
And it seems there, I will forever remain

Rain in places where the beautiful la-larona mourns
Arranging the dead bodies up and down the fields
My honour will remain in whatsoever way
Forever will remain this tale for every day
Oh please - forever remain

Between the spaces along the concrete ground
The appearing faces that disappear at dusk
We're getting closer to the end I can see the gloom
Closer and closer the darkness calls
Oh forever remain, forever remain
My tears on this day, my innermost pain

I would go away only if you will give a while
Let me seek home first - in a thousand miles
Take what my fate brings, eternal and desire
You disfigure my face then take away my smile
We're getting close to the end, I can see the door
Closer and closer - or is there anything at all
Forever remain, forever remain
My burning flesh, my blood rain

This could be my very last minute but
I'm trapped, no exit for the lost
This could be my last breath, but
I love the rainbow country, but no Visa
This could be the end of everything
Precious to me - and everyone else slain for xenophobia.

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When you look at the planet from the sky you see one race not the divisions men have created. We are just one human race trapped in one planet, until then we must find a way to live together without all the divisions that exists between us. Xenophobia is an ugly thing.