3년 전


looking at a soft your day this morning. as if we have live together. where black not always side by side with dark and light not always accompanied White. we ordinary man looking for a happy. requires the figure of laughter in the days of mysterious. this is only about the time. God too good to give the age of until now. God so wisdom choose what desire a more appropriate for me than prayers small never know where they will stop. I myself am confused, is there any restrictions lust and desire never run out. until my strengthen my heart to keep undergo the road increasingly aware of the more keep me from you. lot of laughter you give a lot of desire you realize. but I still the same, just realized that you Supreme good and Supreme wise. only limited to think. never realized I the running of the so-called teachings. if I humans. that from the beginning you create never be perfect. that from the beginning you destined be tempted by treasure, the throne and women. then why you give? if so that we are aware of it would be the power of the origin of our more quickly realize. my God Almighty wise. natural subject to you and we are only froth small in the Ocean the greatness of you. let I ran a moment, to get back in the way the greatness of you. road beautiful never run out will age. road never lost by nature. it's about US only .... obviously you to know more ......

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