I am jealous

3년 전


I'm really jealous.
I'm jealous of anything.
Even on a breeze that cools you down.
In the rain
which is free to touch your skin
On clothes that always warms you up

Because it's not me!
What should I do to be close to you?

So the wind?
It's useless, you can not see.
So water?
It's useless, you can not hold.

Become a real person
Simply limit me to love you
And now I can only be silent
Accompanied by a sad longing in the recesses of the heart.
Spill it out by poetry for you.

In a silent night,
want me to hug you
with billions of misses.
Kudekap beat us clashing.
Looking into your eyes that are shy
Is my favorite.
But what power, I just love you
in silence, miss you in the distance.

When does it rain?
Remind you a drop
On wet memories!
Who knows you miss.

One word without definition.
Does not bring clarity
Although the impact is strong.

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