My nature

3년 전


O you who are well educated '
Look at faces rather than nature,
He looks worried about your behavior.
O you who are said to have the soul of leadership '
Look at faces rather than nature,
He seems hesitant with your foul promise.
Oh you guys who said he had a heroic spirit
Look at faces rather than nature,
He looks gloomy because of your greed.
O you who are qualified human beings,
Look at faces rather than nature,
He looks furious with your sweet whistling.
Look at you guys !!!

My nature looks angry because no longer in greeting.
My nature is now angry because it is no longer in pity
My nature is not graceful again because no longer in the carcass.
My nature now looks dead because never again in the order
My nature is now no longer able to give a lot of something meaningful, because the act of people who do not know themselves.
My nature needs a handle, not a chatter of hypocrisy.
My natural need for sure hope, not the reverie of the promises.
My nature needs realization, not an uncertain endeavor.
My nature needs a definite commitment, not just a dream and no evidence.
My natural need a generation who know thank you, not a generation who only know to use me and not able to fix.
My nature needs generations to contribute, not the generation of brawling tie.
My nature needs a caring generation, not a generation that only knows what to expect.
My nature needs a generation who cares about (Gesture from Nature), not a generation that only knows promise, pretends to be stupid, then runs away.

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