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The origin is snow

before Time is created
a touch of virgin as memories
is all that is called earth
and the air kept talking
because talk never stops
and the snow falls like a dream
The polar wind always extends
and touched without fingers
and on the threshold of barking dogs
vain opening morning
just stretched baby dufah feels
on the old wall near the season perish
and the snow melb the day
Waking up Time with regret
when a man with a bad face
leaving his feet in the snow
while the roar of a star chimed in a horse
thrown to the sky
At this moment there is creation
when the hunchback from the cave in the south
exhaling and language
for all the unspoken
the taste melting from his thighs
publishing the descendants of the dwarf
with thin faces and folded eyebrows
his voice hoarse imitating crows rushing prey
With rough hands in the grave of the grave
in the snow for his dead gods
and in the petals froze
they searched for their own faces in a day
between dawn and dusk
before it perish becomes absolute
and the snow descends again to remove all the forms

in the dream of dream

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