under the Twilight

3년 전


I have been lying long in this vile ocean
I spent the day scavenging forbidden objects
I live like a comedy, to be enjoyed
Not ... not to be enjoyed, because I also enjoy

Start dawn until the moon greet that's my time
In the store full of bulkhead and wine I work
Smoke, suction tools, needles, like my stationery
It's scary, but ah never mind

I came, then I was asked
Not a couple but a thirst quencher
Self-immolation, I ran rupiah
Tired ... tired ... but I need treasure

Ever come to mind
Do not I fear sin?
Is the power angry?
But I just want my relatives to live happily

My body is getting old
Either the age diminished, or the result of the lion king
All I know is that I'm powerless

The more the creature is getting gnawing at me
I am afraid, not fear of sin
I'm afraid who's happy with relatives?

I'm crying, like the Power of Greeting
If it is day, I am confused
What reason does it make?
Just worship me never

All of a sudden it was all dark
My world bustle is gone
I open my eyes slowly, I see a red light, yellow, orange, orange, black
Where am I?

I try to enjoy that bunch of colors
Slowly the heat began to pervade
My soul starts to burn
Not! I'm not under twilight
But I ... under the fire of hell!

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