'Migration' - an Original Poem

3년 전


vectors of the flock

as new birds begin
to lead

then rounded by


a spherical bob
over the same rooftops.

wind in the small of
with no direction but
for prior wingbeat

feverishly come upon,

a truth as collapses
toward one



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strong last lines, loved reading the turn before and being directed north for the summer. <3


Hey, thanks mate! This one was very calming to write.

So wonderful this poetry, I love it . thank you for show us this. please pass to my blog: Sin paso al orgulo


Ah! You got a curie :)

I'm so glad. Well deserved @lazarus-wist!


Thank you, it was certainly a nice surprise to wake up to!

Interesting and moving. Something about “with no direction but for prior windbeat” touched me.


You’re welcome. I’ll be back again!

I like the twists and turns of this one. Rings a medieval bell. However, more improvements can be made especially in the transitions from one line to the other, and the transition signals can be made more cogent so that the reader does not take a twist or turn without a warning sign. Nonetheless, I see a revolution in this one, keep it up and we may have another "macbeth" on our hands.

It's impressive.