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hush sweet child
run, laugh, play
believe in princely wizards
no matter what they say

cherish all those fairies
that safely whisk you away
someday they will all vanish
as you go your own way

confide in shining knights
that elf up on the shelf
the whispers of the angels
more than just yourself

abide by ancient scriptures
explore forbidden lands
embrace imagination
build castles made of sand

laugh for no reason
cry when you're in pain
smile at the sun
and dance in the rain

embrace the uncertainty
that's sure to speed your heart
stand tall and be courageous
always do your part

look forward to the moments
that send shivers down your spine
always know your truth
and have faith in the divine

don't be afraid to dream
and follow your heart
even in those times
you feel it breaking apart

there will be time for those all fears
things that don't make sense
never-ending tears
and all kinds of pretense

how could you have known
the world could be so cold
somewhere along the line
you were never told

hush sweet child
what will be, will be
but never, ever forget
you always have me


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Good to see you hear again with your thoughtful poetry!


Cheers, @kenny-crane

Like this poetry . follow you to hear good poetry again


Appreciate it -- Cheers!

Very comforting and lovely words :)

  ·  3년 전

Hey, I like this poem. It's like a defense of innocence. It's a parent's love. Thank you for sharing!


Thanks for the comment, it's spot on!

When i was a child i had freedom like eagles my enthusiasm was very high, wish i saw this poem when i was younger, but who knows if it would have made sense to me

I love this poetry it makes me feel young again, i wish our young ones can see this

Thank you


You can be as young as you feel.., and that child you were once still exists inside. Thank you for such a thoughtful comment.


You're welcome, i feel you're right, i feel so too. I hope i can be again. But its not easy, not after what one sees everyday..