Indictment Of Our Times…

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Indictment Of Our Times…

Talking heads chatter on
afraid of the silence
that sees beyond
the empty promises
they effortlessly
rely on
to deceive the naive

a make-believe world
where reality doesn't matter
have no meaning
the truth
just a tool for
more lies

brainwashed to believe
in a flag
thats been soiled
by the
deplorable souls
that use its essence
to divide and conquer

this self-made dystopia
filled with
fear and false pride
a warped nightmarish
version of itself
the past

its rising sea
of hatred
plaguing the horizon
poisons the mind
of the willing
fueled by
arrogant autocratic rule

grappling with all
the failure
incompetence and greed
participating in the
destruction of humanity
exposing the division between
us and them

born from the darkness
absence of light
defined by a culture
afraid of being
left behind
by a
new way of life

slow moving genocide
in the air
choking the souls
of the unprivileged
demanding their sweat
denying them
a truthful existence

cheered on by its victims
unaware all the
fruits of their labor
serve only
the vile miscreants
for their hopelessness

worlds break apart
empires fall
littered with the debris
of inequality
the cynical nature
of violence
that has no end*

forever in history
for all
young minds to witness
held up as a place
never to be revisited
the --
indictment of our times.

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They do have a very deep meanings hidden in each and every words !

Enjoyed and felt the deepness of the words !

I like the way you put words together!

I'm feeling a lot more optimistic than the tone of your poem though. One of my favorite scientists, Harvard Psychologist Steven Pinker is out with a new book called "Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress". He makes a pretty good case for why our times are the best of times. It just seems bad because of non-stop news cycles where if it bleeds, it leads. I'll buy you a copy if you want! Check it out. :)