Love At First Sight

3년 전


Love At First Sight

That weird sense
of knowing
that your life's
about to change
all of a sudden
you start to
feel a little strange

excited but terrified
in the knees
blinded by its
but too afraid
to look away

the world
all around you
seems to
come to a halt
as your
heart and mind
come under assault

a sheer
sense of panic
like being
caught in the rain
a feeling so strong
you may
never be the same

staring through lifetimes
that wash
over your soul
in this moment
you are
not in control

as if dreaming
in tandem
your thoughts
become one
joining together
from what seems
long ago

and irresponsible
it breaks
all the rules
ignoring social protocols
tearing down
all those walls

you can't run
from this truth
try as you might
there is
no denying
it was

love at first sight.

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I think you've expressed the early stages of love very well here. It's a heady feeling that can make us do crazy things!


Thanks @kenny-crane... It has this unique ability to make the world around you a little brighter, smile a little bigger.., and yes -- can inspire some brilliant craziness!

The furthest distance is when the eyes grope at each other but the mouth can not say


Im speechless... :))

It sure had been great and the feeling must have been great !

Love is indeed an amazing feeling that can never be explained in words


You are spot-on @rehan12.., words cannot do it justice!