Night After Night...

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Night After Night...

Night after night
she showed up alone
always so flawless
hope in her eyes
looking so polished
but prepared for more lies

sat by herself
escaping the loneliness
that would
be there waiting for her
when she returned
a spirit helplessly alive

hidden behind that smile
deep beneath her eyes
was the wisdom
of pain --
the tragedy
of unfulfilled dreams

every piece of jewelry
the perfectly combed hair
portrayed the image
of a woman
dutifully waiting
begging to care

drank like a lady
thoughtful and refined
always so proper
but never could resist
having --
just one more

buying more time
with each glass
of wine
searching for her future
but --
stuck in time

holding onto the past
of days
long gone by
regrets too many
to list --
no more tears to cry

resigned to the notion
she's not where
she thought she'd be
but still believing
in her heart
there's more to see

she wanted to be happy
believed --
it was her right
so she never gave up
never gave in
night after night...

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Sounds like someone who you may have seen in your career, and someone I have seen in my time in bars. Very well written!

Nice poetry. I could relate to it. Sometimes, I feel exactly this way but finally gotten myself out of it

Nice poetry. The never-ending quest for happiness & avoidance of pain....