...reminds me of you

3년 전


...reminds me of you

Walking through memories
as day turns to night
the stars
in your eyes
beneath the twillght

feelings once felt
though we no longer see
signs of a time
that can
no longer be

a lifetime of love
with one simple touch
falls prey to a world
that never
needed it so much

reminiscing in a past
that has ceased
to exist
controlled by moments
so greatly missed

laughing in the sunlight
flowers in your hair
crying in the darkness
because you
couldn't help but care

living life alone
to protect
what you hold dear
standing all alone
relinquishing your fear

drifting through the years
past and yet to come
floating on the current
of all
the things we'd done

brilliant little traces
flicker through your mind
incomparable to this
but certainly
all that

awakening remembrances
things you used
to say
the shadows on your soul
that refuse to go away

but no matter how I try
the years
that have ticked by
still.., everything I do
reminds me of you.

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