The Monster Inside...

3년 전


The Monster Inside...

I am a creation --
a reaction
of your thoughts,
manifested by
the unseemly vibration
that dominates
the planet
unabashedly winning
the war of
good versus evil

the false sense
of reverence
that needs to succeed
all the problems
with pills
the never ending greed

preying on pretense
your need
to fit in --
the fears you deny
right below the surface
slowly being born
in the mind
growing without conscious
laughing in your face

distorting human nature
convincing you
Im right
shouting harmful rhetoric
all the light

carving out the hole
that stores
those selfish feelings
an ugly
childless womb
to be true --
I am
the monster inside
all of you!

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We all have our good and bad sides, talking to us in our thoughts. I hope you're doing well! :)

one of the great poem ;)