The Past...

3년 전


The Past...

We owe it its dignity
the memories
it provides
the lessons
we've learned
be denied

a scent that
transcends time
and brings you
back to that place
sends shivers
down your spine
with its warm embrace

its time in the sun
has served you
quite well
made men
out of boys
as only
time could tell

a powerful aphrodisiac
that keeps you
running in place
painful moments
that can be
hard to erase

engraving hard fought
inside our minds
all that guilt
with too much
of our time

hard to remember
but often
harder to forget
like an
overdue bill
or that
unpaid debt

putting it
behind you
can be easier said
than done
breaking free
from its whispers
one by one

it's part
of who you are
what you've asked
but there comes a time
to leave it where it belongs the past.

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Amazing writing skills. I appreciate it and keep it up.


Thanks @shahinkanbd... Kind of you to say.


You're most welcome @macksby.

Interesting your publication, I like it. Allow me to follow you. I invited you to my modest blog. God bless you.