The Prisoner…

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The Prisoner…

Stuck in your head
creating the lies
it believes
are necessary for survival,
unable to live
in the moment
you are condemned
to complacency

until you can shake
the fear
ignore the bullshit
that only
disguises truth,
you are at the mercy
of the trivial accomplishments
we mistake as our destiny

shooting craps with the cosmos
looking for a pass
blasting through the universe
like brilliant rays
of fading light,
grasping at
figments of your imagination
denying what is pure

lost in the fog
filled with distraction
drowning in a sea
of pills and privilege,
searching for
any sense of purpose
something to feel
more human and alive

caught up
in the material
nobody needs,
unaware of the intangible
and the graceful way
it inhabits the best parts
of who you are

walking through graveyards
the dying child inside,
afraid to believe
that truth can echo
beyond the noise
shattering the reality
that resides
in your every move

the willingness to leap
step off the ledge
into the endless possibilities
of each day,
completely irrelevant
to a society
that no longer
knows what is real

your suffocating soul
struggles to break free
from the barriers
that time
has built around you
the walls that
and conquer us

standing on principles
that spit
in your face,
fighting wars with inanimate
made-up thoughts
in your mind
a prisoner to it all.

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I read your eviction story and about how our community helped you to recover only on today..I know it is completely irrelevant to comment something like this under this post..But I just wanted to know is everything fine now? Hope you are doing good!

All the best @macksby


Im doing better... Thanks for asking @sathyasankar

Excelente poema, @macksby. Somos prisioneros de una sociedad que aisla, somos prisioneros de nosotros mismos. Es ese encierro el que nos obliga a ser otro, menos sensible, menos humano. Como bien escribes : "El niño morimbundo adentro", que no nos deja soñar y a ser libres. Te felicito por este texto.


Gracias @nancybriti... Agradezco el comentario reflexivo. Aclamaciones!

Like it my friend.
This very good poetry..


Thanks @mubarak... Appreciate it!

Well those are some nice words !

We sometimes are prisoner to our mind indeed !

So sad, yet so true... "You can not get out of prison if you do not know you are in one."
Quoted from Wallace Wattles - 1910


Excellent quote...
At least, if you are in a physical prison -- you know it.., and can plan an escape... :))

Cooolll! (:




Love it! Fowlling you for more.