...under their spell

3년 전


...under their spell

in the
metaphorical web
of lies
and deception
surrounded by creatures
feeding off the souls
of the naive
preying on the innocent
and guilty alike
living in a bubble
full of
false perception
the unreality
that manifests itself
in an
unbound violence
the fear
of lost hope
not being heard.

pretending to be human
drifting further away
sucked out
by a rising tide
of irresponsibility
by the faceless voices
scream the loudest
cavorting with the devils
that sing your praises
while you
bend to their will
devouring you whole
without as
much as a trace
look you in the eyes
as they lie to your face

devoted to a cause
that only serves
to divide
out of balance
with the vibration
that binds the whole
unmoved by the
shameful disregard
of empathy
and compassion
so afraid
to be wrong
we can
no longer see
praying to heaven
stuck in this hell
completely unaware
you've fallen
under their spell.

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So much power packed into so few words. A sign of good poetry I am sure!

Reading your poetry I am fascinated more. Your creative power and your using word in your poetry is excellent.

We the people are indeed stuck by sth in our own ways .

Some by money /passion/greed /anger and many more !

While they sure are wise and true words !

Es un contenido bastante pesado pero supercomprimido. Me apareciste en una lista de personas interesantes según Busy.org y entonces entré a leerte pero, valió la pena. Excelente contenido.