…who you are (an original poem)

3년 전


…who you are

Disguised by the chaos
that slowly takes over your life
caught up in all the bullshit
the endless conflict and strife

disjointed and distracted
in a world that's gone awry
never willing to admit
but so quick to deny

enamored by what sparkles
always on the go
no time for being still
ignoring what you know

trying to remember
the dreams of your youth
stuck in a maze
searching for your truth

the other self within us
screams out in silent pain
unable to be heard
all its efforts are in vain

intentions once so dear
the ones you held so tight
retreat into the darkness
hiding from the light

changing like the seasons
while the years tick slowly by
justifying where they went
can be hard to dignify

before you lost your passion
that excitement inside
before all the compromises
stripped you of your pride

passively watching
as your life passes you by
seduced by a culture
that never asks why

it can be hard to remember
the person you once were
and easy to forget

…who you are.

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Thank you for sharing this, I really enjoyed it. Actually, I had to read it a few times because it really resonates with me, as I'm sure it will with most people. Thank you again! : )
Happy Steeming!


Thanks @jenayarosemarie -- Nice to hear you liked it.., and that you took the time to feel it. Cheers!

Life is a progression of becoming who we are.

J.R. Rim


Life is about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

George Bernard Shaw

Beautyful poetry, the last part is very intuitive, for the heart is easy to forget who we are, Best to remember our true value and self respect


Thanks @doinita... You got that right -- :))

wow,amazing painting thanx for sharing



very nice poetry.....thanks for sharing.....



Say so little so, so many meanings! Unbelievable, indeed!


Im glad you enjoyed it -- Cheers!

Really deep of meaning, I have read some of your story....I am willing to do something good. resteeem it. wish you all the best my friend. Keep Strong and Fighting.



Thanks @ei-nailul... Appreciate it!

wisdom in the poem! Good poetry


Thanks @masdem.., appreciate it!

Really awesome writing..... such a outstanding poat this is...✌


Well that's a nice compliment. Thanks!

Good post, I really like your post.


Appreciate it!

Beautiful! I am your biggest fan...you really touch my soul every time I read one of your poems.


This brings a warmth to my heart and a lightness to my being... Im so touched, myself, to know they are recognized by another soul.., they are written from as much as my own as possible. Thanks @giantbear

This made me realize how we get carried away by so many things , forgetting the original us. You did a great job at this


Thanks @aydayodeji.., You said it, there are certainly no lack of distractions!

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