Irredeemable Trust

2년 전

I could see the perfect mirror of you
The shades that was never less of it self
It maintained Integrity as high as an eagle
Am perplexed with the gift you are endowned with

Your words where never changing
Your hands never fidgeted
Your eyes looked straight to mine to speak of truth
Your mouth danced to the tune I wanted to hear
Until... I discovered it was all a drama

Perfect in your expertise of speaking lies
Lies that wins truth
You danced so well to the rhythm of deceit
No one would have ever known how you moved those legs of yours
Legs that went to places I never knew of

Don't blame me, that was quite smart
Smart enought to break the bond
...the love
.... and the part we share
Where do we go from here?
"Shatter" is the next word..


"Try and maintain an integrity of trust with people, it would pay someday, may be not now"

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