I want to roll you up like a precious textile (Day 71 of 100 -- Poetry challenge)

4년 전


I want to preserve your radiance
and savor your intricate weave, and colours:
    That I may run my fingers softly over your pattern.
     That I may lie nude upon your length.
      That I may cover myself in your grain.

I want to caress your tasseled ends
and smell the subtle remains of those
  that have used you,
   coveted you,
     worn you bare in spots.

I want to lay you on an altar and place sacred
things around you:
    To light candles and see you
by the warmth of firelight.
    To gaze at you through the smoke
of negro-copal incense.
    To let my scent permeate you.

I want to keep you in my secret place.


  • All pieces are newly crafted and posted shortly after in adherence to the rules of the challenge. All the photos are mine unless otherwise stated.

  • Entry for Day 71 of 100 Days of Poetry Challenge by @d-pend.

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I like this piece quite a bit. I feel the sense of longing, and yet the sense of completion that go hand-in-hand here. One feeds the other - another completes us, so we long for them. We long for them, so they complete us.

But the most striking thing to me in this piece is the contradiction inherent in loving something and thus wanting to preserve it. I am thinking of favourite blankets and stuffed animals. You love them so much, so hard, that you wear them out, quite literally. And then you put them in the attic or the drawer to preserve them, but in so doing, you actually don't get to love them, as an act, you don't get to hold them.

So you are presented with either loving fully and relentlessly, until they disappear, or putting them aside, and preserving them, until they slowly slip from our hearts.

So this also touches on the longing and connection-completion, you want to preserve something, but the only way to love is to go forth boldly. And trust that love will constantly renew itself. Then again, it doesn't renew itself - it is up to us to do so, to reform love as we reform ourselves. Preserving by using.

And yet, I am also reminded of Supersonic's Secret Smile, there is something quite sweet about keeping a loved one, about keeping love itself, intimate.

And all of this is just about the idea. I find the imagery here lovely. I find it sensual - not in the sexual sense, but in the literal sense, in how it touches on the senses, on the sensations, of being with a loved one. Of being in love.

Intense. Intricate.
Colorful. Woven. Bare. Human.
Wishful. Wonders. Flame.




You ask, "Haiku", and
I see, or at least say, "hey,
kind of looks that way."

i love your poem.


Thank you kindly. :)

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very nicely woven this poem of yours it really pulled me in and I could feel the seduction of it all.