mother, I complained

3년 전


Yes, that voice I know her
With a subtle tone
With his filtered words
With his charming words

Mom, I complained
Please help me
Solve my problem that I can not solve
I wish you with your all-inclusive prayer

Mom, now I know when I grow up
You are smarter than your enemies
You are stronger than your little body
You're stronger than those lifting weights

Mom, now I'm alone
Accompany me with your words
Which every day is never alpha I hear
Irrawing me with your loud voice
But it hurts
Touch me though just a slap
Honestly, I miss it all

Mom, my mind is flying
Please clear with your subtle tones
Please stop with your smooth smile
Please cross my eyes with your nice eyes

Mom, now I'm confused
When I want to eat food
Why everything is bland
I want to smile in the morning
Why hesitate
I want all of you to do it first
I want your kiss Mom.

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