Moonlight Dreams (photo creds to Pixabay)

4년 전

Glistening at its most onyx peak
Shimmering with splotches of silver

Like a mother
She awakens us

And sets our racing hearts a bay
Lifting the chains of daily duties

And draw us to our celestial ones
We cannot fathom

She began

Or when
She began

Or How
She began

But we are certain
That this is destined to begin

We are not swayed by the gleaming glorious sun’s stagnant promises
Or the calming concoctions of the cotton clouds

We are drawn to the luminosity of the her
And its predictable uncertainty
We live
They fall unconscious
We dance
They embrace pillows
We are free
They restrict themselves
Fantasizing about tomorrow
While we celebrate the night!
Mother moon is our crystalline ball
With our rituals swirling about it
Spells and desires intermingle
Transforming from a mere daydream
To a full fledged lunar guided scheme
Have we been duped?
Have we gone mad?
Is the moon vindictive for drawing us like Pied Piper?
From the awaiting arms of its buttercup counterpart and its turquoise companion?
What of our fate?
Will we be banished to damnation?
Sent to claim
Our blasphemous blood-right
As the legitimate children of Hades
And the bastard of Persephone

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Wonderful poem, and welcome to steemit. Regards @angryman Have a happy day.