Dear Time... [Inspired By The Movie "Collateral Beauty"]

4년 전


This poem is inspired by the movie, "Collateral Beauty". The photo above is a line from the movie. A letter written by the protagonist to time.


(Photo is the original poster of the movie.)

If you have watched the movie, this piece is about one of the three abstractions, which is time. I might write about the other two but before those, please do enjoy this piece for now. :)

"Dear Time"

Dear Time,
I have always been intrigued about you
You're as precious as a jewel can get
But is always ignored like a paper thin air.
Always the treasure stashed in a chest
Never meant to ever see the daylight.

I have always wondered of how you are a contradiction.
You get everyone chasing you
You get everyone wanting more of you.
But everytime they do, you're still a paper thin air.
Clearly abundant, but always taken for granted.

So dear time, I have so much more left of you
But I've had enough
You gave me all the beautiful things
Made me feel all that is wonderful

You were everything to me that was pretty
But the longer you get a hold of me
Of everything you have given
You time, wanted more than what I could give
And maybe it wasn't enough, for you took everything you have given.

You are everything to me that is pretty
You WERE everything to that WAS pretty
So I guess we are even
I take you for granted for your whole existence
And you take everything you've given me at your bidding.

For you are everything precious this world could give
But just like the sun, get too close and you burn
I take so much from you, You take everything from me.
I ruin you for a spur moment, you destroy me my whole life
And for that you'll remain a mystery to me.
A mystery I never plan to unravel.


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