-thunder strike of lightning- by mrblu

7개월 전

Image source:from google image

The rain falls and the clouds turn to dark.
holding the enormous sounds that you will never imagine.
the clouds of thunder strike upon the face of the earth
enormous light sharted spark with millions of volts
across its path, no one can stand upon its power.

The roots draw upon the clouds of the sky
with the horrible sounds that shake upon the ground,
it's like a bullet that has the super speed that no one can predict
where it falls.

The power of the light wave shock upon its thunder sounds
that every child afraid to hear.
cover its ears, hidden on the corner and
the dogs are screaming.

The lightning strike upon the tree
burning each branch with no mercy.
until the root of the tree dies.
turning the color to black.
the shallow of its power strike
will never be forgotten to the eyes of the child.

image source
every child has own fear.
everyone has own experience
about the horror of thunder lightning.

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