I lasted the whole 10 rounds with love ..

3개월 전

Look at this macabre shit, amass round me, spectators,
Come take a look at all the ways love has beaten me into submission
Peer here, peers, take in the truly mind boggling map of destruction love has left behind

I, being the absolute ass of a woman well noted prior, refused to tap out
Despite being knocked repeatedly to the canvas, my pride held me upright as love manhandled me with unabashed fervor.Mangling me, changing me just because I dared to encapsulate it and keep it as my own.
I attempted to brace myself on the rope tethering me, but it was just a recipe for further entanglement.
There was no bell, no merciful call of the fight.
All ten rounds were a bloody example of why one should never challenge love
No butterfly float could carry me from the ring I feared more than commitment itself, instead,
I stood up to be beaten down a countless number of times, glaring at the ring girl as she walked past me unscathed to announce the duration of this torturous effort at the prize.
Finally, the final round was called, the seconds were ticked off tirelessly by the crowd of bloodthirsty bitches waiting for my resolve to finally fade
But, deep below the superficial, the bitch I had become bellowed, and I began to drop the left on love.
Love never suspected a comeback, I brought it all down like a fucking 20 pound sledge and delivered it directly to the breastplate.
At last, I had crippled love, it swooned before me, and I dropped one last left upon it, knowing I had just delivered the knock out love had surely brought to my door.
I spat in loves face, and said "challenge accepted. Pussy."
"Undisputed, Bitch ".15781334_10205841533676496_1098257788385314830_n.jpg

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