A lost gem

3년 전


A lost gem

You are the one I love
Sincerely my heart. Holy white
You are my beloved
Until fluttering wings of faithful oath

Really blinded my eyes when I heard
Gently say you are a noble girl
You accept my love forever
Although I do not have a gem ring

Time lapse fill replaced
I miss you my lover
After I find lunch to pick you up
Living with me accompanied this struggle

But unfortunate fate servant
Hell I heard the news
Thou hast been willing to marry men
Knock down the tree of love. The loyal roots are also stuck

O you silence and silence
Come to me even though I have a grudge
Pagut my soul is scattered
Accompany my body in the ice

Not me Samsulbahri who lost Sitti Nurbaya
Not me Zainuddin who is crazy because of betrayal Hayati
Nor was Steven almost dying by Magdalena
The famous destruction of the promise of love, only the story plays
I'm starting a great and real


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wow nice movmen