Past the Crisis of the Early Marriage

3년 전

Hello everyone..

No marriage runs smoothly without a hitch. It takes great tolerance, patience, and love to deal with possible disagreements.


In the early years of marriage, conflicts may be more frequent because these are the periods of adaptation between husband and wife

The first five years of marriage are vulnerable, it's time to accept what kind of partner,

although it was dating long enough but the early years of marriage is a time of trial

Because there is a new euphoria getting married, have high expectations on marriage, but it could be baseball according to reality

marriage is not enough just based on love, but also a strong foundation, including being able to accept their respective deficiencies with full sincerity

After the first 5 years have passed, another crisis period is boredom after 10 years of marriage

To work around this, husband and wife must be very clever looking for fun activities for both parties

However, there is no wedding year free of crisis.
The proof is also a lot of 15 or 20 years married to divorce also because this is because they do not want to learn, there are disappointments buried alone, so many things that are not resolved

He reminded every couple needs to have a strong foundation in the marriage, including adult love, mutual care and understanding, willing to compromise, mutual trust, and commitment to jointly build and keep the marriage in difficult and happy

It takes hard work, responsibility, patience, and gratitude to form a harmonious and happy marriage

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