Sharing her sorrows..

3년 전

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A fairy tale of "once upon a time"
As my youth keeps getting farther,
My sturdy bust, is humble hanging down
And no longer attracts the man, from his walking


Where has it vanished, the walking an alley as a human
And the curiosity of being a woman ?
It just hurts me when I remember,
The solfeggio of the first "I love you forever'' ..!

Cursing, the knights follow me no more,
As the fruits withered in the middle of the summer,
And the air on the porch smells like a plot
They made from the red apple, a tasteless compote.


Yes. The fairy tale of "Once upon a time",
Spoken in an increasingly strangled voice,
Is divided, by the fall of an astrum,
'Efore and after, one thousand, nine hundred and fourty-four...

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Thank you kindly @mag1c1an. What was that you liked the most :^ ? I would really appreciate your feedback :).

Beautiful poetry - I enjoyed reading this.


Much appreciated @oneazania. How was your day today otherwise? And could you tell me how it felt for you, or what image reading this created in your mind? I would enjoy understanding my own creation from someone else's perspective.. :^ . Thank you .


The day has gone well, tks for asking. The verses struck me as a recollection of what was once enjoyed, and a recounting of what is no more - of various experiences once lived, and now no longer lived. The metaphors are natural, seasons and fruit - ripening, withering away. So there's an inevitable passing of time, which led to a separating of the speaker from those experiences.

I found it interesting that there is no overt regret expressed, rather there is restrained anger or is it sadness.. and the speaker perceives this changing of seasons as havinghappened without notice - almost by surprise - there's even a mention of having been cheated. One can assume she had little opportunity to savor it, or was not aware it would be lost eventually.


Glad to hear @onaazania. Uh your description is so vivid, i really like it. Not many get to understand what's in the mind of the author :^.


sometimes i don't understand what's in my own mind ;-) i get carried away, but i like the paths i walk. your poetry is very cool.


Oh @oneazania, you're too harsh on yourself.. In time, you may be able to unite the dots for why it happened that way and how you ended up in that point. Thank you for your compliment, is much appreciated :^. I am a follower of yours as of yesterday, and although i don't have much time on my hands, i will look forward to read few of your articles as well :^ .

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