The A-B-C of Life

3년 전

Knowing to give, knowing to receive,
Learning from what you've once done wrong,
To Stand, up from where you fell,
To not give up, even if it hurt.


To forgive, yet do not forget,
So that next time you'd know
To believe in you, even though they'll shout:
''You're not good at this, stop trying, you can't!''

Never stop from learning
So, keep a book beside you;
And find your age not in your passport,
But within you, within your heart pocket.

Pay attention to your heart,
And be kind, but just enough;
Bow your head, only half way through,
Keep your dignity (not ego) always with you
And don't you exchange with the hate,
For that is not us, that is not you.

And live your day, as if the last one would be,
And love so much, that you feel you would fly,
'Cause you only live once,
so why not live everyday :) .

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Thank you @zafar82, much appreciated .

Very nice @oculussensori, life is short, we only live once. I like your poem. 😊


It is indeed @starjewel; i don't know where all this years have gone.. Thank you for the compliment, much appreciated :^ . What do you think of the other ones btw..?

I like your poem, but don't forget to document/credit your images. It's easy to do. Make sure you are using free images if they are not your own. (If they are your own, it's a good idea to say that too.)
Your image credit will look something like this:

Image from [ site here ] ( url here )
(Remove the spaces between the elements to make the code work.)


Hi @viking-ventures, thanks for reminding me, as i do forget to do so at times knowing me. Much appreciated your input and i'll adjust that; Please feel free to check my other artwork as well, and welcome me with a feedback? Thank you :^ .

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