Crippled world


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The world of a lame
People that dream of fame
Faith lead them in to shame
They hardly wanna live
They barely believe
Oh!!! Crippled world

Everyone is an ocean within
We have sides views and views within
Everyone is a universe of thought
Lots of talents waste
No movement from waist
Oh!!! Crippled world

People with lots of insights
But can only view within sights
They wanna build and have sites too
But where's the strength to raise some funds
When legs are nothing to be found
It's painful in the mind
Oh!!! Crippled world

People that can't say much
They barely see things
Either better or clearer
They mostly on a spot
They love sports too
They wish to be good at one
But destiny denies talented ones
Oh!!! Crippled world

This people actually dream too
They actually play in their dreams
They walk just like everyone
They feel loved
They don't remember they crippled
Until they are wide awake
It's sad
They wept all
All became a nightmare
Oh!!! Crippled world


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