Poetic Dreams Poetry Daily Curation #3

4년 전

Our Aim✍️

The aim of @poeticdreams is to support and bring together the undervalued poets of Steemit by helping them to share their poetic dreams with a wider audience. In time, we hope to be the heart of the poetic community, so if its poem related, we will be first on the forefront, whether that is a new poetry contest or a new poet that needs celebrating, or something else that is poetically exciting.

📄Poetic-Dreams Daily Curation #3🌟

Today (and as many days as we can), we are celebrating the underrated poets on Steemit by highlighting 3 poems that have that little extra zing.

@hopehuggs will pick her favorite each day and give it a full upvote (worth approximately 2 SBD, depending on how many votes she has done that day).

When we are looking through the poetry posts on Steemit, we bear these things in mind (this list is likely to grow, as we find our feet curating)...

  • A good intriguing title
  • There has to be more than just a couple of lines
  • We look for poetry posts that are older than 6 hours, that have less than 1 SBD earned on them so far.

Little Boy From the Closet (Survivor the Cat)✒️

By @averageoutsider

A lovely poem talking about a little surprise survivor who loves to purr and be spoilt.

My Sister's Hero✒️

By @johnwjr7

This poem won my last Runaway Rhymes competition, because of the succinct, powerful and emotional story told in a few lines. Now it is created as a post I had to share it with more people.

Stop Pretending, just for a day✒️

By @eceninzz

This is poem is a great reminder of the may masks we wear. Perhaps when have stop pretending for the day, we might want to stop pretending fulls stop. Life favors those who are true to themselves.

"Stop Pretending" is my favorite poem of the day and will get a full upvote from @hopehuggs.

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Organizers : @Marialin & @Hopehuggs

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Thank you for giving me opportunity :) Thanks for choosing my entry, Love lots @poeticdreams

Good job @eceninzz on your winning poem. I got mentioned, but I hope to go all the way next time. I hope that @poeticdreams and @marialin will be watching my blog. I have another great one on there now (Goodbye My Friend) and I think some others not so bad either.
Thanks again for picking my poem to feature.


We will make sure @poeticdreams follows all the poets we feature and we wouldn't want to miss out on more gems, now we have found you. :)

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.