Poets United: @poetsunit free/subscribers bot stronger than ever enjoy !!!

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Hey all this is another report of PoetsUNited upvote and upcom bot.

We are standing right now at 1000+ SP which will last just couple of more days due to overlapping delegation.

We encourage people to delegate to the bot in order to support poetry and poets on Steemit.

Since the creation of the bot we have seen quite frequent usage.

Right now the bot has more than 180 registered users using either the free or subscription service.

We want to remind you that if you Subscribe you will be able to use votes at 50% of voting power two times a day instead of free upvote 10% one time a day.

So if you're a poet and can prove that with your works you will be eligible for subscription. It is important that you submit your application in the Discord Channel.

So everyone come and join us use the bot and VOTE FOR OUR WITNESS SERVER @poetsunited

That was all for today's update come to the Dlive Friday Poetic Live Show 10 PM GMT .

Vote for our community witness and help it grow! HERE

To join our discord server
- click here

Join the Dlive show on Friday nights 10 PM GMT
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Maybe I will write a poem