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You too can submit poetry for the next dose, or lend us a hand in deciding which poems get featured. If you haven't a poem to submit, help us compose an introduction to a poem in the next dose. Our publications are posted to Facebook, Wordpress, Twitter and other poetry-related sites.

Here are three most highly-rated poems recently shared in our community.

3rd Spot Schadenfreude by @blockurator
Free verses, previously published. The energy is anger and protest, which appear to collide with the nihilism exuding from these terse lines. Would protest and anger be effective or entirely futile against the storm ... The concluding lines require a breath and pause to reconsider how to interpret the speaker's argument.
... Sturm and drang
Spring from sorrow. Forged on the anvil
Of a hurting heart, ...

2nd Spot The Birth of the Ink of my Feelings by @nationall
As the title suggests, the ink appears to create another persona from out of the depth of the speaker's thoughts and imaginings. It is a monologue written in prose form.
The poem when you are born from the depths of my thoughts and the cry of her characters rejoicing ...
1st Spot The by @quillfire

This post concerns itself with the manner in which ideology degrades our discourse until we are pressured to embrace absurd conclusions.. there's no truth, all standards are manifestations of rapacious power. As an ironic statement perhaps, the writer suggests we consider as novel and cutting-edge poetry, this submission in the genre of Mispelled Preposition Poetry. Although we're concerned about being excludedfrom the avante-garde, you can still trust us to make that determination between great art and ideological bull.

Title: The

Thanks to everyone else for sharing such interesting poetry in our server. Stay tuned for another and more, for more poems to put you in awe.

Essence of Halloween by @vuds Living Only in the Shade by @deathandpoetry
Break the Sun by @kamiikazer To Forget Sadness by @nationall
Rotten Stench of Forgotten Days by @vuds My Dreams Paint Me with Reality by @satorid

Poems for this Daily Dose were selected by @madevi & @nationall for @poetsunited


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Whoever wrote the summary on my article did a great job. Indeed, that is undoubtedly the best summary of any article I ever written. Thanks guys. Greatly appreciated.



Congratulations on your 1st place. Keep up the good work. We encourage you to participate in grading the poems for the Daily Dose. Everyone is welcome to participate and help out with the transparent choice for the first 3 places. :)

Thank you all for your participation and dedication. You are making this community awesome :). I am sorry I have been away a bit lately but I am having some personal troubles that need to be sorted out... Well nothing major just the everyday struggle :) Hope to be back on track soon for you all. Especially with some poetry. I am eager to win first place now with the new judging format... :) God Bless You. Peace and Love. Congrats to all the mentioned poems :)