Poets United : Daily Dose of Poetry and Prose #98 (@trumanity Edition)

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This is the PoetsUnited DailyDose #98

Greetings and positive irations, friends. I'm very pleased to serve you with this collection of poetry submitted to our promotion channels between 16th and early on the 18th of June 2018.

Two poems selected as leading submissions were found in the open channel of our Discord Server. The open promotion channel is accessible to every person that joins @poetsunited. Submissions to the subscriber’s channel are always mentioned in the dose, but any member of our community can find their submission appearing in the selected top places.

I’m partial to poems that effectively push a reader to think about questions, or experience different emotions. But I am just one reader, so how great wouldn’t it be to hear the interpretations of others concerning the poems featured here? How about coming on board the Friday Dlive show if you can find the time? Read your own poetry, share interpretations about poems featured in community publications, or just chew the fat along with the hosts.

3rd place Embrace by @poetrybyjeremy
A short, sensual piece of work celebrating physical and spiritual union. Jeremy Mifsud’s speaker in Embrace weighs a joyful abandon, against guilt and mental calls to reason and emotional restraint. I believe the poem will strike a liberating chord in the reader, and perhaps move you to venture a bit closer to pursuing whatever it is you may sincerely wish for.
2nd place Coffee by @zaimrofiqi
Zaim Rofiqi takes us for a sip down memory lane. He skillfully develops the metaphor of coffee, aged and made strong by the heat of the sun and time, to represent a woman seeking to be appreciated and admired. How sweet this poetry is! Does he take two sugars and a dash of milk with his coffee, or does he enjoy it without any additives? I’m not sure, but either way, here is a fine cup of poetic coffee for you to enjoy and dream of what you will.

1st place Happy New Year by @acousticsteveo
How do you relate to your reader the scene of a crowd of people celebrating, along with the mood of the observer, all in a single sentence? If one reads this poem a second and third time in search of the noise one expects to hear at a party, you may come up more and more surprised. There is a texture to this short and carefully composed jewel which is cinematic, but of the silent film type. Stephen manages to touch all of his reader's senses by this brilliant poem, placing us in a room, with the door ajar, much like the first hours of a new year remain open to all kinds of possibilities.

Congratulations and thanks to the writers filling the top three places.

There were also these wonderful poems and essays submitted in the server.

Missing you, Sprinkles shared by @crescendoofpeace contains a haiku along with a sad bit of prose about a tough decision. Pet lovers, be warned - this is a sad one. There's something with a happier ending in her next post, along with another Haiku: Eastern Box Turtle A post filled with great information about caring for turtles along with brilliant images.

You can also enjoy the art and poetry by @muftii - He includes two poems and his own artwork here: ’will arrive’ and ‘way home’ - You can admire more in Post #15 and Post #16.

Orlando Medina’s poetry once again is captivating, dreamy and strong on images @omedina88 shared three poems The smile of life, Before Love, Hope and The other thirst.

Finally, but certainly not the least interesting of all, a regular writer @vegaron sent in a poem called Nostalgia a poem that laments the loss of our carefree nature as we grow from children to adults.

I know you will all enjoy the poetry from our friends, don’t forget to drop some comments and votes. Until next time, this is your friendly ;-)

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Another excellent edition of Poets United Curation Effort. Thanks to @trumanity for the awesome quality that he brings on the table.
I encourage other people to consider writing the Dose too. It is much fun believe me :) . Thanks to all the wonderful entries by our poets. I salute you. This Friday We Have Another Big Announcement to make :) I hope you all will love what we have in store :) God Bless. Peace and Love.

Thank you very much again with this honor again...:)
And congratulations also for those selected...
Let's be more productive...😀☕❤

I really need to join this community a nice community indeed
Please give me link


Here is Poetsunited Discord:



Thanks sir am your friend from discord

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