Poets United : One Year Anniversary ! ( A call for cooperation on Dapps Development )



Poets United : One Year Anniversary. Thank you all for your support and engagement. During the first year we have built the pillars of the community. Now it's time for growth :)

Hey all. We have made our first year now and to be fair the situation in the community is not much different. We have provided several different services during that year which included paid and free support for creatives.

Unfortunately those services failed to unite the fellow creative poets. Instead the bots were used and not much communication was going on between the poets.

That is why we decided to change the things a little and at first we want to ask all fellow poets what do you thing is most needed right now to unite all poets in one place and what service would be suited best for them too.

We have in the works an awesome dapp but right now it is hard to predict completion time since we have a lack of programmers to help us finish the project.

We are willing to cooperate with other Witnesses, Poets, Creatives and Poetry Enthusiasts. Please Contact @angelveselinov or @madevi if you are willing to help us out.

So please Leave your comments and suggestions. We hope all who used the services last year can give us some feedback and we can make things better.

Expect more news and Live shows from now on since we are back in Active Mode and will Put Our Efforts in Rebuilding This Great Community.

God Bless. Peace and Love.

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Happy 1 Year Everyone :P I guess mostly happy for me and @madevi He is quite right with what he said. We are back on track and will be having a strong push now the new year since we feel things are changing. Give us your opinion on what services we should make for Poets or how to improve the existing ones...

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Yes, one year!

It has been a roller coaster ride, many ups and downs and a few loopings and a corkscrew even. During that year the environment has changed a lot as a few more Steemit like platforms have popped up, that have pulled quite a few people away from here. Also, the fact that crypto was low all around the board did not help either.

During all these developments @AngelVeselinov and myself have been wrecking our brains for what to do, how to grow the community and make it thrive. How to ignite that fire for poetry and the community in people's hearts and minds? We can say fairly certain now that we failed to motivate enough people. But short of paying people to do the work, which we couldn't, we have tried all we could think of. It turned out that it was nearly impossible for us to get enough people to do anything, most of them were busy chasing the cents... And as I have said before, community starts with giving, not taking.

The first 6 months we worked 10 or more hours a day to give a body to our vision. A handfull of people stepped in and really helped out (you know who you are), a few of them burned themselves up doing it. It is hard, as there is no functional boundaries and there is always more to do. We owe these people a massive thanks and I know I speak for both of us! We love you guys and gals! In the end we needed to focus on our real lives as well, Angel has his family to take care of after all and I have stuff to do as well... A 600 'member' community cannot run on just two people for long, that's just a fact.

With this one year anniversary I hope we can get things moving again, both on Steemit as in our community. It sucks that many people have left, but there are still a lot more people out there that never even heard of Steemit yet. So, we have a big pond to fish in and oportunity for growth. Of course this will also depend on external factors. And, seriously, we need help from the community, to write posts, contests, daily doses, do shows, write bots (if you are in to coding, give me a shout!) and all sorts of other stuff. We also need your ideas, feedback and anything else you thinks is useful.


Congratulations on your 1 year Steemiversary!!!

I'm still here, still committed, still posting, still using the tag. For me, it's never been about the money, obviously, or I would have been using the upvotes from the bot all this time. ;-)

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congratulations on a year!!! :) woo hoooo!! I hope that you find the devs that you need :) check out utopian discord maybe ? :) lots of devs there!


Thanks a lot we remember that you were one of the first people joining us and supporting :) . Wish you all the best with the Monkey Project looks really promising. If you need any help shout out to Angel. :)


thank you my friend :) the Monkees are coming! hehehehe maybe we can do a little poetry challenge with them at some point!


Sure We can Always make a collaborative effort. Give me Couple of Links in Discord that you would like me to promote with my twitter account might get some hits : )


Oh for our Kickstarter? That would be cool! Only 2 days left hahahaha

Spunkee Monkee: The Game that gives Treasure for LIfe



Enjoy :) For anyone interested
Here is that game
Play with your kids
Take all the blame

Have fun
While you earn
Don't run
You will learn

Invest in your kid
Put time and attention
You will never regret
Your #SpunkeyMonkey adventure


#kickstarter #game #steem

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