Original Poem / How to Transcend

5년 전

It can be any one of us. How to
pass over limits, rise above
needles in the hand
finding a port in a vein?

How to get over
the prepping with marker pens,
not writing but being written on?

How to go beyond
one arm dangling,
the bird-flight pectoral
too weak to bring forward?

The heart feathering
through my breast,
for now, anyway,
I lift a

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wow, frightening and intriguing!


you really have a way with words


it makes me think of my sister that passed away from a brain tumour last year

Loving this meaning-laden poem. Searching for a way to transcend those demons that cling to our subconscious, that sicken us and poison our minds, marking our bodies in the process...

The ending was great, how he acknowledges his lack of time left yet continues to strive on even as the last grain slips through the hourglass...