Love love poems

3년 전

My lover,
If you are the earth, I am the sun
I shine on you
You expect me
Remember the ark we pedal, so full of waves
I still illuminate the earth, until sometimes the earth was glare
Then I remember one thing
That God created not only the earth, there are other planets that also expect me to come
Relieve me on another planet, spread my sync
Deliver the benefit of me, because it is natural
and God is not angry
My lover,
If you are sun, the sun is the light scatterer
I am willing to give you your light to all the planets that the LORD has
create them as well as I need radiation and me too
Will not feel less with your lighting
If you're only a 5 watt wax, do not dream of shining on another planet!
Because our small room you have not been able to light
Reflect on the glass in the corner of our room, in the middle of the dim
Your lighting that I have understood to keep my eyes open image

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