I can't promise you

4년 전


                                                          The wonderful poem of my childhood

                                                                               I can't promise you

                                                                                  that dark cloud

                                                                                 will never hover

                                                                                   over our lives

                                                                               or that the future

                                                                    will bring us many rainbows,

                                                                              I can't promise you

                                                                                  that tomorrow

                                                                                 will be perfect

                                                                          or that life will be easy.

                                                                              I can promise you

                                                                          my everlasting devotion,

                                                                            my loyalty, my respect,

                                                              and my unconditional love for a lifetime,

                                                                               I can promise that

                                                                 I'll always be there be here for you,

                                                                     to listen and to hold your hand,

                                                      and I'll always do my best to make you happy,

                                                                      and make you feel loved.

                                                                          I can promise that

                                                                     I'll see you through any crisis,

                                                                            and pray with you,

                                                                              dream with you,

                                                                                build with you,

                                                                       and always cheer you on

                                                                             and encourage you.

                                                                              I can promise that

                                                                    I'll willingly be your protector,

                                                                       your advisor, your counselor,

                                                                        your friend, your family,

                                                                                 your everything.

                                                                                 I promise you.


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Nice poetry bro but please use editor your poetry scattered everywhere just check it bro and fix the style of writting thank you for sharing this poetry


Sure, next time I will try editor.


Thank you bro :)


Just check this bro :)



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