The Forest - A Poetry reading with sallybeth23

3개월 전

Hi Steemit Family,

I have been doing all types of voiceover work for the past months. Recording voice over phone messages, short stories, podcasts, radio advertising, those sorts of things. When I have some spare time though It is fun to record my own poetry.

Here is one I just finished recording and thought you might like to listen.

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Your poem has lead me to contemplate the age of trees which lead to the deepening of a thought on the agelessness of trees. Every tree as such (especially in a tropical forest) would not be "ancient" but we may think of spaces as such and each individual manifestation therein an aspect of that Ancientness. Likewise, existentially speaking, we too become ancient, which is worth a solemn tear for the loss of grace where forests no longer grow.
I wish you an upright and peaceful year.


Thanks for your comment. Yes it is very much the space which is ancient. Forests can and will regrow with or without our help thankfully. I wish you a peaceful year too.

wonderful short and sweet keep sharing more :)


Thank you so much

Wow, I Love it! Your voice is sparkly and mesmerizing too~


Thank you so much ☺️


Thank you so much


You're very welcome!

I should listen to your posts non stop right now...

But i'm so angry at this platform and it's relentless obsession with writing and blogging and endless BS of "publishing" i want to throw my computer and phone and camera out the window and never ever look at any internet related anything again... ohhh... i can't stand it. Losing all my investment here... and watching my best work just go straight into the trash of steemit... i'm so excited about the shots and editing then i post here and it just goes to shit. Sorry... i'm an idiot for even commenting like this.

Your recordings are so beautiful

And i'm just flat out ugly and stupid. Seriously who would keep doing something that doesn't work for them and complain about it ? Steemit is never going to work for me but here i am... makes me wish i was back at Pavones in 1995 with no electricity, no phone, no computer... but i have no money and no chance of going anywhere. What could more insane than thinking i'm an artist... that no one likes or would even vote a penny or two for let alone buy a painting or print...

Beautiful poetry, wonderfully read!

Upvoted and resteemed :D


Thanks so much, I appreciate the support and resteem. 🌈🌴🦋💛

I am a real fan of your voice and poetry, SB23! I love how your voice works so well for doing these readings. I am happy you posted it, now if I can just convince you to drop that link into Dtube :)


😂ok you convinced me and thanks for the positivity p.