A Not So Prodigal Return...

11개월 전

Maybe he left, maybe he didn't...
But life definitely did take a little toll on him.


It has been a very long while since I last had any meaningful activity here on Steemit. And since then a lot has happened, both out there and here on Steemit. Wars have/are been fought, prices have crashed, rallied, and crashed again,and jobs have been started and quit... A whole lot really...

Since I am not one to dabble in politics of any sort, I would say only a few things/people have made me really stay off Steemit ever since my last post...

  1. @calluna and the others
    When I realised calluna had been effectively bullied off the platform (whatever really happened i do not care about), it was hard to want to come back. She was one of the very few Steemit friends that grew on me. Of course, my @bananafish family also meant a lot as well. Calluna however, was the icing on the cake. Having to see her bullied out that way made a comeback less appealing than it should have been.

  2. @chinyerevivian
    If anyone really drove my creative spirits, it was this weird, pretty like a dove, yet wild as they could ever come, young lass... She has been an object of a few of my writings, and indeed she was/is the next best thing for me on Steemit. Overtime, there seemed to be a silent, unacknowledged battle between us. From contests where we slugged it out for top spot, to our steemit rating where she now leads unassailably perhaps, CV like i call her, made steemit an awesome experience for me. Little wonder it hurt when i couldn't meet up with her recently (in the real world), and hurt even more when she omitted my name from the @theycallmedan inspired post she made a while back...

  3. Writer's f**king block
    Well, isn't that the only problem we writers face? I wish there was a cure, really. But be that as it may... I'm here, now at least.

Maybe it is just the Coronavirus lockdown that brought me back. Either way, it feels good to hit this post button once again...




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Dear, Stranger.
I never forgot about you. How could you even think that? Your words pulled at my heart. You know how to reach me. You've always known.
You should come back, and I mean it.
I've missed the writings of your pen.


I will stranger...
For a stranger... I will💜