2년 전


Once... It was...
She smiled at me, and I melted inside..
Twice... Those eyes...
They preceded my prettiest nights..

I longed... for a third,
But then I was diving in waves too deep...
Too late... Though I fought,
I realized she was never mine to keep...

Not for once...


Been a while since I have had the time and presence of mind to put down any words of poetry. Hopefully with my national service having come to a successful conclusion, writing should become a norm again. And with that, more poetry.

Hope someone enjoyed this short piece...


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I always adore your poetry, and this has such beauty, it feels like a monologue in a play, right before the curtain drops on a tear-struck audience.

This could be a love with a selkie heart, compounded by the waves imagery, someone belonging to the wild, but coming back to you anyway <3 you play with the space so well, leaving room for the reader to wonder and project, giving it such a personal feeling.

and wooooo yeah!! The promise of even more <3

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