A Bandit Wears a Mask (origional poetry)

4년 전

Here I sit on Julie's couch
Yeah, I know I've gotten fat
my tummy has become a pouch
I'm not on a diet... I'm a cat!

My black mask is always in place
I used permanent Indian ink
to draw it on my beautiful face
You can't see my eyes when I blink

I'd like a little privacy, if you please
while I'm grooming myself today
If you hang around you may sneeze
when my dander floats your way

Sometimes I chase my fluffy tail
I've heard it said that cats do that
but it's such fun and I never fail
to be victorious in our cat spats

I'm a feline Bandit, and love my home
and Julie is the greatest mom to me
I have no need to wander or roam
I'm right where I'll always want to be

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Poem written by:@shahidkha
Images: www.pixabay.com

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