letter from an aborted child

4년 전


Letter From An Aborted Child

They are so many things i would want to say,
but let me start by asking you:
Why Me?
Why Me??
of all persons to hate,
why hate me more?

I was promised heaven,
in your womb i felt that protection,
and when I kick, sensing your vibrations,
I thought you enjoyed the fun!
so why me?

I was never part of that agreement,
but as innocent as I had been,
you called me illegitimate,
before my birth, you had given me names,
and so killing me became your only wish.

daddy told me I would be loved and cared for,
in place of care you bought guns and bombs,
a ballistic missile landed on my space,
in a second I passed off,
I was eliminated!

Why Me?
I wasn't part of that agreement,
but yet was never offered an opportunity to live,
why me.

*who on earth can bestow and withdraw legitimacy?
we only have illegitimate union(s), every child has the right to live.

let's stop abortion!!!

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